Eric Dalius is a marketing professional, entrepreneur, and education advocate based out of Miami, Florida.

Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius earned a Bachelor’s degree from Penn State in 1992 and quickly jumped into the workforce. In a matter of months, Eric accelerated his career and became one of the leading salesmen in the entire country.

After moving on to start his own businesses, Eric saw immediate success. Through a number of innovative business ventures and intelligent marketing techniques, Eric was elevated to levels of success he had previously believed impossible.

Since this success in the early 2000s, Eric has been virtually unstoppable. Recently however, Eric Dalius has gone into semi-retirement in order to focus on building a foundation for an issue he holds very close to his heart: access to education.

Through the Eric J. Dalius Foundation, Eric hopes to provide access to education for people across the socio-economic ladder in the U.S. Many groups of people in the U.S. do not have the means to attend post-secondary educational institutions and Eric dreams to change this. Through his foundation, Eric plans to make university and college more affordable for those who deserve it.

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